Poison Centre Notifications

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Do you have the resources, data and expertise to effectively and efficiently comply with EU Poison Centre Notification obligations?

For companies selling hazardous chemical mixtures in Europe, complying with poison centre notification (PCN) obligations under the CLP Regulation requires significant expertise and resources. Harmonization efforts are being put into place to improve poison centre emergency response. However, the new regulatory framework institutes new requirements including assigning Unique Formulation Identifiers (UFIs), providing full chemical composition and toxicological data and changing product labels and SDSs, making compliance even more complex and time consuming.

Verisk 3E’s team of PCN experts provide solutions to help companies meet both current and upcoming obligations efficiently and effectively. We can also help you notify products prior to 1 January 2020, enabling you to take advantage of a swiftly closing window to comply with the less stringent requirements currently in place and postpone your responsibility to fulfill Annex XIII obligations until 1 January 2025.

Comprehensive PCN solutions

Verisk 3E is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive combination of regulatory consulting and obtainment services for compliance with current and pending EU and national requirements based on Article 45(4) of Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP). Companies placing products into the market must notify each of the EU Member States and provide the appropriate product notification details. Our team will help you analyze your current business approach and formulate a strategy for fulfilling your obligations under both pre- and post-2020 EU PCN frameworks.

Define and obtain relevant data

Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) strategy development

Preparation and submission of PCN dossier

Add UFI to SDSs and labels

Regulatory Consulting

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