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When a chemical spill or exposure occurs do your employees know how to respond?

Failure to respond quickly and effectively to an unintended incident such as a chemical spill or inhalation can turn a small incident into a much larger one. It can increase the impact of the event on your employees, customers, community and the environment and expose the company to penalties, lawsuits and damage to your brand. 

Call on EHS expertise and support 24-7-365

3E Emergency Response services from Verisk 3E can significantly improve the outcome of workplace incidents. You can mitigate risk by providing employees worldwide with direct access to our highly trained EHS specialists.

Our EHS Call Center offers 24-7-365, toll free, live telephone support for incidents ranging from Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requests to chemical spills, ingestions, exposures and large scale natural disasters. Capabilities include response to emergencies at a level requiring deployment of ER professionals and equipment.

3E Emergency Response services also provide immediate access to medical advice for chemical exposures. Poison control specialists, physicians, and toxicologists provide medical advice related to chemical exposures, including skin/eye contact, inhalation and ingestion. Translation assistance is provided in a number of languages via an interpreter.

ER Hotline for Workplace 

Verisk 3E provides information and professional guidance for chemical spill management, as well as telephone access to professionals for medical concerns related to a chemical or product exposure at a company’s worksite 24-7-365.



ER Hotline for Products

Manufacturers and distributors can display Verisk 3E’s toll free telephone number on their SDSs, enabling 24-7-365 emergency response to spills, ingestions or exposures related to their products. 

Companies that ship products containing hazardous materials can also display the toll-free number on shipping documents for transportation compliance.


ER Responders

Emergency Response Network

When a chemical release results in an emergency situation, we can provide total incident management by dispatching a pre-screened emergency response contractor to a customer’s facility or offsite location while providing immediate SDS and chemical information to assist those handling the incident.



Incident Notification and Reporting

Verisk 3E can provide customized client notification services for companies that require detailed, multi-step or complex notifications per incident to comply with their own internal policies and procedures. Further, we can also fulfill OSHA reporting requirements for spills in reportable quantities, following customized notification protocols, obtaining and recording relevant information, completing the documentation, and generating and/or delivering the necessary information to you for reporting purposes.


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Global Incident Response Hotline

This service provides a single point of contact for companies who need a 24-7-365 emergency number to support global distribution of hazardous materials. We provide designated telephone number(s) accessible worldwide and staffed around the clock by a live hazardous materials specialist in the event of hazardous materials incidents. 

Our global emergency number can be used worldwide for SDSs, transportation documents and other hazard communication documents such as product labels and Transport Emergency Cards (Tremcards).


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