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Verisk 3E actively and proudly provides a variety of resources to the EHS community to inform regulatory professionals on the latest issues and topics affecting the EHS profession. The Resource Center is designed to help the community identify best practices for managing compliance information. This is where we also share our knowledge on new and changing standards and regulations.

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April 3, 2018Jomarie Garcia

A big deadline is approaching in Canada -- Full compliance with WHMIS 2015 is expected by 1 December 2018 across all Canadian jurisdictions. On 28 March 2018, Health Canada emailed two fact sheets addressing compliance with the Hazardous Products Regulations , otherwise known as WHMIS 2015. The fact sheets published...

March 28, 2018Patricia Iscaro

On 19 March 2018, the European Union issued a Regulation implementing article 4 of Regulation 2283/2015 on novel foods . The new regulation concerns the consultation process for the determination of novel food status. The regulation becomes effective on 8 April 2018. Verisk 3E Analysis Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/456...

March 27, 2018Verisk 3E Regulatory Research Team

On 20 March 2018, Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) announced the adoption of amendments to the Act on Registration, Evaluation and etc. of Chemicals (K-REACH), along with the enactment of the Act on Safety Management of Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides (K-BPR). K-BPR K-BPR applies to biocides used in preservatives...

March 19, 2018Xiaolu Wang

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) published the Invite for Response to the Proposed Amendments to the Implementation Rules for the Regulation on the Administration of Chemicals Subject to Supervision and Control (公开征求对《中华人民共和国监控化学品管理条例》实施细则(修订征求意见稿)的意见) on 13 March 2018. The proposed amendments further detail the procedures and timelines for the...
April 18, 2018

Please join Jomarie Garcia, Regulatory Research Analyst at Verisk 3E, as she provides insight on the new Canadian requirements for SDSs and labels under the Hazardous Product Regulations.

This webinar will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can move towards full compliance with WHMIS 2015 by understanding the different and complex layers related to the regulatory obligation. 

March 15, 2018Alan Johnson and Hans Plugge

This past week, Senior Toxicologist Hans Plugge and I attended the 2018 NAEM EHS & Sustainability Software & Data Management conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. During the conference, we had the opportunity to present and facilitate a session on day 1 on The Challenge of Global Product Compliance: Driving Value...

March 14, 2018Xiaolu Wang

The China Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the Regulation on Imposing Penalties against Violations of Food and Drug Related Regulations on Individual Violators (严格落实食品药品违法行为处罚到人的规定) (the Regulation) on 24 January 2018. The Regulation reiterates that penalties against violations of food and drug related legislation...

March 13, 2018Emilia Vassileva

On 1 March 2018, the Eurasian Economic Union enforced the Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation on Restrictions on use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronics products (037/2016). The Regulation is aligned with the EU RoHS 2 (Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June...

March 6, 2018Hans Plugge

Bisphenol A (BPA, CAS RN 80-05-7) is once again in the news. Following the recent tightening of regulations related to BPA in food contact materials in the European Union, a U.S. government research agency brings new data which shows much less reproductive toxicity impact than previously suspected. In February 2018,...
March 6, 2018Hans Plugge and Alan Johnson
Speaker, Hans Plugge and Alan Johnson, gave a presentation on The Challenge of Global Product Compliance: Driving Value - Reducing Risk.