Webinar Watch: Chemical Regulation in the United Kingdom Post Brexit

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March 25, 2021Editorial TeamBlog

Nearly three months have passed since the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit deal and with this transition brings changes to how chemicals are regulated. Products no longer fall under EU guidelines and must now meet British requirements.  

Learn what else has changed in our latest webinar, now available on demand, “Chemical Regulation in the United Kingdom Post Brexit.”  

Our presenter, Paul Lloyd, Senior Manager of Content Compliance for Verisk 3E’s Delivered Services Team, issues a warning that company roles are likely to have changed as well.

Paul is a chemist by training and has extensive experience in the regulatory field including hazard communication, environmental permitting, waste management and transportation of dangerous goods. 

In the webinar he explains that substances now must comply with UK-REACH.

Increase your awareness on this new post-Brexit frontier to remain in compliance. Companies continuing to use products sourced from the EU may be able to defer obligations by making a Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN). The deadline for making a DUIN is October 27, 2021 and Paul shares ways we can help in the webinar.