Taiwan Proposes to Amend Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) for Food Industry

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July 5, 2018 - Xiaolu Wang

The Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan published the Proposed Amendments to the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food (GHP) (預告「食品良好衛生規範準則」修正草案) (the Proposal) on 21 June 2018. The Proposal, once adopted, would revise the Good Hygiene Practices that are currently applicable to various types of businesses in the food industry, such as transport and storage of food products. Public consultation on the Proposal is open until 20 August 2018. 

Verisk 3E Analysis

The Proposal contains extensive revisions to the current version of the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food (the Regulation). The following proposed amendments, among others, would have a major impact on companies operating in the food industry in Taiwan:

  • Scope of application for quality control and record-keeping requirements would be expanded. Currently, only food manufacturers are required to comply with these requirements as provided under articles nine to 12 of the Regulation. The proposal would expand this scope to include businesses that process, transport, or sell food products in Taiwan, including restaurant businesses;
  • Additional requirements would be imposed on companies that conduct sales or storage of food additives. Specifically, sellers of food additives must ensure that these products are stored separately from other goods. They would also be required to have employees dedicated to managing food additives stored and keeping records of activities involving these additives. Information to be kept on file includes the volume of food additives received, sold, and stored. Information on the name and product identification number of food additives would also need to be kept on file;
  • Scope of application for requirements concerning food contact materials would be expanded. Currently, only manufacturers of plastic food containers, utensils, and packaging materials are subject to the requirements imposed under the Regulation. The Proposal, once adopted, would bring all manufacturers of food contact materials, regardless of material type, to be subject to these hygienic requirements; and
  • Additional requirements would be introduced for manufacturers of food detergents.

Public comments on the Proposal can be submitted online to the Ministry of Health and Welfare by 20 August 2018. 

Background Information

Pursuant to Article 8 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation, the personnel, operation sites, sanitation management of facilities and quality assurance systems of food businesses must meet the requirements as prescribed under the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food. The Ministry of Health and Welfare is authorized by the Act to issue and revise these regulations. The Proposal, therefore, was issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to exercise this administrative power. 

Business Impact

Companies that operate in the food industry should note that Taiwan proposed to revise its mandatory good hygiene practices for the food industry. Major proposed revision would impact companies that conduct activities involving food contact materials, food additives, and food detergents. Affected parties are recommended to review the Proposal and submit any comments they have by 20 August 2018.