Russia Names Bodies Responsible for Creating Russian Chemical Register for EEU

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June 5, 2019Emilia VassilevaBlog

Russia has begun compiling the list of chemicals in circulation in Russia in order to develop the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) Register of Chemicals. According to an official notice published on 16 May 2019, Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has instructed the Association Coordinating Informational Center of the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) member states to begin compiling the initial list, the “Russian Register of Potentially Hazardous Chemical and Biological Substances.”

Verisk 3E Review

According to Decision № ЕВ-30646/13 of the Russian government Commission for Economic Development and Integration, the following federal executive authorities are responsible for the creation of the list of chemicals in circulation on the Russian Federation territory:

  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
  • The Federal Service for Surveillance of Consumer Rights Protection & Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor)
  • The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia
  • The Federal Agency for Standardization & Metrology (Rosstandard)

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia (by letter dated May 13, 2019 No. EV-30646/13) has instructed the CIS center to begin compiling a list of chemicals, including chemicals in mixtures, which are already in circulation or planned for circulation in the Russian Federation. This list will be based on an analysis of 12 operating lists from the world’s leading economies (EU, USA, Japan, Canada, etc.), the commodity nomenclature of exports of the Russian Federation trading partners, as well as 28 existing hygienic standards.

So far, the list contains information on 27,974 chemical substances, including the following data:

  • CAS number
  • Chemical name in English
  • Chemical name in Russian
  • Structural form of the substance molecule in the InChi format
  • Molecular formula

Businesses may use this provisional list as a source of information about the chemicals currently present in the Russian market.

The website of the CIS center also contains a template for manufacturers and importers to input new chemicals to the inventory, which requests the following information:

  • Identification numbers (CAS number, EC number, RTECS number, EAEU TN VED code)
  • Name according to the IUPAC nomenclature in Russian
  • Name according to IUPAC nomenclature in English
  • Name in English
  • Synonyms, abbreviations
  • Molecular formula
  • Structural formula
  • Appointment (scope)
  • Volume of production (import), tons / year
  • "Hazard Classification" (types and classes of hazard) according to GOST 32419 and GOST 32424
  • Information about the manufacturer and/or importer

However, neither the time frame for completion of the list nor instructions for how companies can submit forms for new chemicals has been published yet.

Verisk 3E Analysis

Establishment of the EEU Register is one of the main elements of the implementation of the EEU Technical Regulation (TR) On Safety of Chemical Products (041/2017). The second-tier documents related to implementation of the EEU TR On Safety of Chemical Products including the time frame for the creation of the EEU Register of Chemicals have not yet been finalized.