EP Committee Members Strike Deal on Product Directives

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June 11, 2013 - Kirsten Wallerstedt

Members of the European Parliament (EP) Committee on the Internal Market announced that they struck a deal to update eight product safety directives, including on electrical equipment, phones, and irons, as well as professional products including explosives.

The rules, which cover almost all consumer electronics, are expected to be put into place quickly. The package consists of eight product directives that harmonize the rules on making certain products available on the market. Covered products are: electrical equipment, measuring instruments, non-automatic weighing instruments, simple pressure vessels, lifts, explosives for civil uses, equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, and apparatus with electromagnetic compatibility requirements, according to the EP press release. The deal was negotiated over 18 months.

The provisional agreement will need to be formally adopted by COREPER (the Committee of Permanent Representatives) and by the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, and then will likely go before the full House in October.

The products covered by these directives will be required to have clear, understandable, and intelligible labels, as defined, and economic operators will be “encouraged” to put their website address on their products. New processes that will be established will allow manufacturers to receive detailed feedback much more quickly on whether their products meet the levels of quality required by the regulation. New sanctions will also be adopted. These obligations will also apply in the case of distance selling.