DuPont Launches Free Chemical Awareness Toolkit (CAt) Driven by Verisk 3E Data

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October 26, 2020Editorial TeamBlog

Product stewards and the global chemical community will find great value and use in DuPont’s Chemical Awareness toolkit (CAt) driven by Verisk 3E’s regulatory content. This user-friendly platform is now available to all for educational use.

Giving Back
Furthering DuPont’s commitment to sustainability, CAt is designed to provide rapid access to vital chemical information. DuPont turned to Verisk 3E to provide dependable data, so CAt users are given an up close view of potential chemical hazards. 

At Verisk 3E we are the leaders in researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining compliance related data and making it available to our customers where, when and how they need it. For more than a decade we have provided chemical regulatory data to DuPont, offering extensive insight into regulated chemicals, ingredients and other substances.

Trusted Chemical Data for All
With CAt, product stewards, safety professionals and many others can access chemical data for informed decision making. This allows for thoughtful discussions which help lead to a safer and healthier workplace and environment. 

CAt provides further insight into the following areas: 

  • Discovery
  • Pollution Prevention and Control
  • Product Selection
  • Intelligent Testing
  • Remediation Strategies  

CAt users can search by common name, chemical name, CAS number or InChI keys. An easy-to-read pie chart (see the examples below) provides insightful data on potential issues and human health hazards. You can mouse over each wedge for additional information, hide portions that aren’t relevant or export the chart data into excel for more formal reporting purposes.


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Increasing Awareness
Whether you are an experienced product steward or someone just beginning your journey towards understanding chemical hazards, CAt is a useful tool for all. 
CAt offers users the following benefits and much more:

  • Understand known and potential human health and environmental hazards, as well as the environmental fate of chemicals.
  • Compare information for new replacement substances alongside historical banned/restricted substances.
  • Identify potential issues with chemicals in the supply chain that might require review, remediation and/or emissions control.
  • Link to other information repositories not (currently) contained within CAt.
  • Integrate with higher education programs such as Product Stewardship and Toxicology.
  • Ability to upgrade CAt content (coming soon) with more regulatory data from Verisk 3E.

We encourage you to ulitlize this valuable tool. Try CAt now. 

Learn more about CAt in a recent article cowritten by Verisk 3E's Hans Plugge.