3E Company Evolves Brand Identity to Become Verisk 3E

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Brand Evolution Builds on 30 Years of Leadership and Reflects Strong Focus on Customer Experience

Carlsbad, Calif., October 12, 2017 — 3E Company, the leading global provider of intelligent compliance solutions, today announced that it has evolved its brand to become Verisk 3E. Since its acquisition by Verisk Analytics in 2010, 3E has become deeply embedded in the Verisk enterprise. Its new brand identity leverages the combined strength of the enterprise, while also affirming 3E’s rich and accomplished 30-year history and commitment to helping customers improve chemical and workplace safety and strengthen product stewardship. The changes to company and solution branding are effective today. Verisk 3E is a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business.

As the company, now known as Verisk 3E, celebrates this significant milestone and unveils its new brand identity, it also renews its focus on strengthening customer experience and increasing the value it delivers to customers. With customer value creation at the very core of Verisk 3E’s brand, the company is intensifying its focus on continually improving the many different factors that comprise a superior customer experience, including product innovation, customer support, business processes, and engagement.

“Over the last three decades, we’ve had the privilege of serving tens of thousands of customers around the globe. Our customers are the inspiration and motivation for our vision, and we are moving with speed and focus to improve the overall experience with our employees and our solutions,” said Edmund Webecke, president, Verisk 3E. “Our new brand identity reflects the strong connections we have with our customers and the value we deliver. Together with our customers, we are creating a safer world—one product, one workplace, and one community at a time.”

Verisk 3E provides the expertise, regulatory content, and award winning solutions required to spur innovation and accelerate growth while proactively solving compliance challenges. The company also rebranded at the solution level, introducing new product names to better reflect the depth and breadth of its solution set and highlighting its ability to provide single source, proactive compliance support. Its intelligent compliance solutions empower customers to increase chemical and workplace safety, enhance product safety and stewardship, strengthen supply chain stewardship, and optimize research and development decision support. 

The new Verisk 3E brand has been well received by customers as well as industry thought leaders such as independent research firm Verdantix. “Verisk 3E’s new brand identity reflects its focus on customer-led innovation and its ongoing efforts to strengthen customer engagement,” said David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix. “This focus—together with the company’s unique combination of regulatory expertise and enriched global compliance content—will enable Verisk 3E to shape the direction of the product, chemicals, and supply chain compliance markets.” 

About Verisk 3E

Verisk 3E, formerly 3E Company, delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement, and create new growth opportunities. For 30 years, Verisk 3E has provided clients with the expertise, content, live 24-7-365 environmental health and safety (EHS) support and award winning solutions required to increase chemical and workplace safety, improve product safety and stewardship, strengthen supply chain stewardship, and optimize research and development decision support.

We are deeply committed to serving our more than 5,000 customers worldwide, including eight of the world’s top ten chemical manufacturers, nine of the world’s top ten retailers, and nine of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. Global locations include our corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California, along with offices in Bethesda, Maryland; Canton, Ohio; Copenhagen, Denmark; Montreal, Quebec; and Tokyo, Japan. Visit us at www.Verisk3E.com.