About Verisk 3E and SAP CaaS

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Verisk 3E and SAP - Empowering Smarter Product Compliance

Verisk 3E is SAP's strategic development partner and exclusive provider
of regulatory content for SAP S/4HANA

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Reimagining Product Compliance

Ensure product safety, compliance and marketability with a combined solution from Verisk 3E, the global leader in regulatory content, and SAP, the world's most powerful platform for product compliance.

SAP's ERC (EHS Regulatory Content) and ERD (EHS Regulatory Documentation) businesses are now part of Verisk 3E, strengthening our position as the premier provider of integrated regulatory content, expertise and services for the EHS industry. Through our long term strategic partnership, Verisk 3E and SAP will codevelop the product compliance solutions of the future, and Verisk 3E will serve as SAP's exclusive embedded product compliance content provider within SAP S/4HANA.

Learn how 3E ERC can empower your team with access to value added global substance lists and reference data, multilingual phrase libraries, expert rules for substance and mixture classification and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) templates within SAP EHS and SAP S/4HANA.

Discover how 3E ERD enables global product compliance by providing an easy way to track changing regulations, create and keep SDSs up to date via a proven, cloud-based solution for managing component data and authoring SDSs for over 140 countries in more than 40 languages. 

Ensure product compliance and marketability

Leverage comprehensive data

Utilize multilingual phrase libraries

Leverage expert rules

Utilize SDS templates


Accelerate authoring

Subscribe to globally compliant SDSs and component data

Regulatory impact analysis

Work smarter with expert rules and automation

Hear What Valvoline Has to Say About Achieving Smarter Compliance

Global ERP Services Manager, Brian Martini, discusses making the world a safer place with Verisk 3E and SAP.

"Verisk 3E and their toolsets allow us to make the world a safer place by giving us clarity and the ability to be compliant in the regions of the world where Valvoline decides to serve…. SAP is our core platform that we are using for financials and supply chain, but we also use it as a key portion of our regulatory compliance program. The content that Verisk 3E provides matches very nicely with the functionality that SAP provides and allows us to stay current with the regulations that are coming along as well as allowing Valvoline to expand almost seamlessly into the regions that we wish to do business in."